Our boarding services & information


Please contact us via telephone or email to make an enquiry for boarding for your pet with us. You can find our contact details here.

When making the booking, please feel free to tell us all about your pet(s) and their likes/dislikes and specific requirements. We treat each animal individually and would like to know the following:

– Has your pet been to kennels or catteries before?
– Is your dog an escape artist?
– Is there a special game your pet enjoys?
– Do they enjoy lots of fuss and attention?
– Does your pet need encouragement to eat?
– Do they require medication?

We will contact you in case of emergency, but do feel free to contact us during your pet(s)’ stay for updates. We will take contact details on drop off.


All animals who come to stay with us will need to be fully vaccinated.

DOGS – a valid in date vaccination certificate for hardpad, distemper, lepto, parvovirus (“annual booster”).  In addition a valid in date (annual) Kennel Cough certificate (“squirt up the nose”) 

CATS – a valid in date annual booster certificate
A valid certificate must be produced when your pet is admitted.

Please check with your vet regarding the timing of boosters and kennel cough to ensure that your pet’s innoculations are up to date and effective. For the dog’s kennel cough vaccine, we ask for at least a 2 week gap after having it done as it is a live vaccine and can produce symptoms that can spread.

We reserve the right to refuse boarding if vaccinations are out of date, have not been done at all or if proof vaccinations have not been provided.

Opening Hours

Customers can pick up and drop off at any time during our opening hours, however we are shut for staff lunch between 1-2pm daily. For special circumstances, we will try to accommodate early/late drop offs and collections as best we can, however we ask that customers respect our opening times as much as possible.
It is in your pet’s best interest to drop them off as early as you can so they have the whole day to settle in with us – this way they know that they will: see staff for the whole day, get to go out into the paddocks, be given food and treats, get lots of fuss and attention.
Latest drop off on the day of arrival is 4.30pm so your pet has sufficient opportunities to exercise, eat and settle in.

Please note we are closed to customers on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

The staff are still here caring for your pets, however it is not possible to collect your pet or bring them to us on these days.


Rates are on a daily basis with both the day of arrival and the day of departure included, irrespective of arrival or departure time. The kennel/cattery pen will be booked out for your pet(s) from the morning of your arrival day to the evening of your departure day.

We do not require deposits, we just ask that you let us know if your plans change and you need to amend/cancel your booking. This is really important for us, particularly in busy times.

We accept cash, cheque and card payments however cannot accept American Express cards. Payment is due on collection of your pet(s). If you collect your pet earlier than arranged, we will only charge you for the days they have boarded with us. If you need to extend your booking we will try our best to accommodate your request, however during busy periods this may not be possible. Any extra days will be added onto your bill.

Right of Admission Reserved

As a team, we work hard and put our heart and soul into the care of your pets. The health, safety and happiness of our boarders and our staff is our absolute priority. As such we reserve, on assessment, the right to decline a request for boarding. This is applicable to any breed or size of dog or cat, and to their respective owner(s). Be nice, be kind.


  1. All dogs and cats should be in good health and must be fully vaccinated with up to date boosters. Proof to be supplied at time of boarding.
  2. All dogs to be vaccinated against Kennel Cough.
  3. There must be full disclosure of any peculiarities or existing conditions pertaining to your pet. Any existing medication must be supplied.
  4. Every reasonable care will be given to your pet, however Collaton Kennels & Cattery cannot be held responsible for any illness or loss of life due to pre-existing conditions.
  5. Full payment is due on collection of your pet. Daily rates are quoted for arrival and departure during normal business hours.
  6. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure collection of own property (e.g. bedding) at the time of collection of pet. Whilst every care will be taken of those items, the Kennel cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to such items.
  7. Should shared boarding be required (same family ONLY) this must be at owners’ request and responsibility.

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