Kennels & Daycare

Surrounded by the countryside are the kennels here at Collaton. We have a variety of different types of room to best accommodate your dog(s). There are quieter areas for those who prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, and the main kennel block for the more confident dogs who like to be in the centre of the action. With regular access out into the 6 paddocks, dogs can socialise safely near other dogs.

For more details about booking your dog in to stay with us for boarding or daycare, please read our information here.

Our dog boarding kennels include:

  • Soft, cosy, clean bedding including duvets, blankets, plastic beds and cushioned beds. Bedding washed and changed where necessary throughout their stay
  • Plenty of time out in the paddocks throughout the day, for exercise and to go to the toilet
  • Safe play time. Dogs are never mixed with another dog (except if from the same household) however all paddocks are adjacent to others so dogs can choose whether or not to play through fences on their own terms. It’s a good way for dogs to become socialised safely
  • Most dogs have access to a sheltered run through the day (and night if the temperature permits)
  • Heating and fans/air-conditioning (when required)
  • Radio playing throughout the day
  • Long list of dry and tinned/wet foods to cater for your dog
  • No charge for administering medication, including insulin
  • Lots of fuss and attention

Boarding prices

Single dog – £24.00 per day
2 dogs sharing (less 10%) – £43.20 per day
3+ dogs sharing (less 15%) – £61.20 per day

We accept cash, card and cheques.

The daily rate includes the day of arrival and day of departure. Prices include heating, bedding, medication if required and lots of cuddles and attention.

We supply many brands of dry and wet/tinned foods so may be able to cater for your pet. If your dog is on a special diet (weight related, urinary, sensitive tummy etc), we will encourage you to bring it along with you.


Do you need to leave your dog while you work? Do you want to help your dog become socialised and ease separation anxiety? Have you got a longer booking coming up and just want to get your young or nervous dog used to kennels?

Dogs will enjoy a day spent playing and exercising outside, and relaxing in a kennel before being collected at the end of the day. See our opening times here.

Prices are £18 per dog per day, with a 10% discount for 2 dogs sharing and 15% for 3 dogs sharing.

Things to remember before bringing your dog to stay with us

  • Vaccination booklet showing in-date booster and kennel cough vaccinations: new customers cannot drop their pets off without presenting proof of vaccinations, and returning customers need to provide us with evidence of updated vaccines.
  • Drop off: latest drop off day of arrival is 4.30pm to give your dog as long as possible to have time to exercise, eat and settle in its kennel. The kennel is allocated to your pet from the start of the day so onus is on the owner for the time of drop off.
  • Medication (if required): enough to last the whole stay if it is an ongoing condition. We will discuss specific amounts, timings, methods when we check your pet in.
  • Food: feel free to check with us if we stock your pet’s food, and if not please bring it along with you. Quantities and feeding times can be discussed at check in.
  • Bedding: we have fresh, clean bedding available at all times to keep your pets cosy and comfortable. If you think it will benefit your dog, by all means bring along a favourite blanket and/or some toys from home. Having smells they are familiar with often helps to calm and settle the dog more.
  • Contact details: owners fill out a check in form upon arrival and there are options for your own contact details and local/friend’s contact details too. We will also need the name of your vet, just in case, although we will use our 24 hour vet in case of emergency.
  • Whilst we are a holiday camp and not a correctional facility, we will continue with any basic training that the owners make us aware of e.g. sitting for food, waiting at gates and doors etc.

Right of Admission Reserved

As a team, we work hard and put our heart and soul into the care of your pets. The health, safety and happiness of our boarders and our staff is our absolute priority. As such we reserve, on assessment, the right to decline a request for boarding. This is applicable to any breed or size of dog or cat, and to their respective owner(s). Be nice, be kind.