Dog Mini Spa Information

Why not treat your dog to a mini cleansing spa during their stay?

Image: Dog in mini spa

It's a BATH
with a shampoo to suit your dog's needs (medicated shampoos are also available)

Then a BLAST
to exfoliate and remove any dead hair

And then NAILS
a manicure to keep your dog's feet pretty and comfortable

Small dog £16         Medium dog £20          Large dog £25
Heavy coated dogs - Add £5
Extra Large or Difficult dogs £30

Does not include dematting or full groom; if this is required please contact us for details & prices

PHOTO: Mini Spa building


PHOTO: Exterior of mini spa

PHOTO: Nail clipping at mini spa

PHOTO: Dog having nails clipped at mini spa

PHOTO: Interior of mini spa


PHOTO: Interior of mini spa